Project management

Project management is the ability to coordinate human, material and financial resources over the entire life of the project to achieve the project objectives the time, quality and budget estimate. Aiming small to medium sized projects and offering customised approach, our goal is to find the smartest, most efficient and most cost effective solution for our clients.

Project Management

It includes organizing, controlling and coordinating the design , approval and actual construction of the project from initiation to completion , in order to achieve client expectations.

Cost Management

Include initial estimated project planning of costs , forecasting , monitoring , management and reporting of the project budget.

Contract Management & Acquisitions

It deals with the identification of suppliers and collaborators, evaluation and selection process, developing tender documents, schedule, technical specifications, tender evaluation, negotiation and signing of contracts, issuing orders and following contract development.

Supervision of Works

It involves technical and administrative advice, planning and managing the client EMPLOYEE subcontractors, ensuring if possible savings and shorter terms for the client.

We can provide construction management services in two phases: preconstruction and construction.

Meaningful preconstruction services bring value, potential cost savings, and informed decision-making to the client while eliminating surprises to provide you with a predictable outcome. During the value analysis process we think outside the box to achieve your goals with your budget and project needs in mind.  During the preconstruction phase, we provide planning and scheduling, estimating, value engineering and constructability review, develop and monitor the budget, and prequalify subcontractors.

During the construction phase, we can buy all required material, subcontractor services, build your facility, and ensure your facility is fully operational. The success of this approach relies on the continuity of the team from preconstruction through construction.

Finding Sub-contractors:

You want to invest in Romania, and you have already your management team? All you need are the sub-contractors and suppliers, in order to achieve your objectives?

DAS can assist you in finding Romanian sub-contractors or suppliers.

All we need from you is to establishing  your needs and the precise specifications of the desired Romanian supplier or contractor, then we will do the rest of the research, based on production (quantity and quality), customer ratings, financial situation.