Consultancy on buying a house, apartment or property in Romania ( Bucharest)

Technical Consultancy provided before buying a home or property:

– Inspect the house in terms of acceptance criteria;
– Consult the technical documentation or building technical book;
– Check electrical inner installations , heating and sanitary ;
– Checking for municipal networks and their origin ;
– Advice on home price and quality to be desired;
– Analysis of documents and quality certificates of used products/materials;
– Comparative reports about the quality of housing and performance criteria ;
– Participation at the house delivery process ;
– Comparative reports between housing ;
– Suggestions of possible improvements ;

Consultancy offered in house renovation:

– Suggestion of possible improvements;
– Identification of a designer;
– Identification of a builder;
– The selection of building materials;
– Finding technical solutions for the execution of various works;
– Following the work execution phases;
– Analysis of documents and quality certificates of used products;
– Checking and approving payments to the builder;
– Participation in the work reception.

Legal advice / Due diligence:

– Obtaining land book extract information;
– Check history of ownership;
– Analysis of property documents (provided by seller);
– Identifying risks;
– Support / Consultancy at signing of contracts;

Finding Sub-contractors:

You want to invest in Romania, and you have already your management team? All you need are the sub-contractors and suppliers, in order to achieve your objectives?

DAS can assist you in finding Romanian sub-contractors or suppliers in Romania.

All we need from you is to establishing  your needs and the precise specifications of the desired Romanian supplier or contractor, then we will do the rest of the research, based on production(quantity and quality), customer ratings, financial situation.